March 29 2017

UFO International Productions Presents UFO Media

The Easiest Way To Sell Your Footage

UFOMEDIA is a division in a international production company where we have  spent the last 5 years building an online stock footage platform to monetize our digital assets (in our case "B" role footage from movies, Commercials and Music Videos).

We are now offering you an inexpensive and time-saving way to create your own stock footage site at the fraction of the cost, building a platform for digital assets which will allow you to monetize the footage that you control.


How It works:

First-  We will make an assessment of your footage and get you an idea on the viability of the footage you have or in some cases the footage you will be shooting.

Second- We make an estimate of the number of shots that will be created from the digital assets you have and what it will cost to create the individual shots and proper marketing of them. We will also create for you all the identification, the cataloging, the meta-data that goes with each file.

Third- We will make an estimate of what we feel is the best program for your footage and what works within your budget.  So remember our goal is to turn your digital assets into a revenue stream so you can make money from something that is now just sitting there.



UFOMEDIA will allow you to monetize these digital assets without having to invest thousands of hours of work to edit, construct the meta data and create the shots along with prohibitive cost of over $50,000.00+ to program and build a site of this magnitude.

What UFOSHOT is doing is taking its 7 years of investment in the creation and development of our own sites- rebuilding and packaging it to you as a stand-alone site that will allow you to have your own online stock footage and media company without any of the prohibitive costs.

At the same time we will use the economies of scale from our own sites to provide yours and your customers the support as if your site is backed by a state of the art international support structure and a worldwide network of servers.


Questions and Answers:

So NOW, let's address some very important questions you may have:

  • Aren't there already hundreds of huge stock footage companies out there, much better funded and many willing to also represent my footage as well?

YES, but here is the rub. The growing size of these companies make them very cumbersome to use. Along with this, your material will be buried among hundreds of thousand other shots on these massive sites. Many times clients just don't have the time to search these sites and are looking for boutique sites that focus on their area of interest.  This translates to a business opportunity for you to address these needs with dramatically reduced costs to enter this business.

AND the answer to the second part of the question is also YES. Almost all of the major stock footage sites are looking for submissions from outside sources, but here is the problem. In general, less than 10% of the stock footage submitted to these sites is ever accepted for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with the marketability of the shots themselves. Thus, in the end  people who are submitting their footage to these sites spending hundreds of hours uploading and creating the meta data to have 90% of their work rejected and in many cases seeing little or no revenue from these shots even if they are accepted.

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What Does it Cost?:

So how much is it going to cost to set up my own site where I will be able to sell footage and other imagery and be able to be paid directly through my own PayPal account or a direct deposit account into my bank?

  • In most cases a fully independent site will cost about $6000.00* to create with at least a 1000 shots available for sale to launch your new online company. At the same time an less expensive site can be created at around $3000.00* if constructed as a sub-site under our own master site-
  • So what this means is that at a $60 price point per shot, you will recoup your start up cost with the sale of only 100 shots or as few as 50 if we created a sub site for you.


*This is merely an average cost. Final budgets may vary depending on the site and the actual material used and meta data needed to be created.


How We Do it:

SO how can we  offer to build you a fully functioning revenue site that in many cases would cost in excess of a $50,000.00 to build with maintenance fees that would make it cost prohibitive for a small company or individual to create and run?

  • Located in Sofia Bulgaria UFOMEDIA takes advantage of some of the world's lowest programming and labor costs as well as some of the best programmers in the business. This is augmented by the history of Bulgaria once being the Silicon Valley of the USSR. Today it has evolved one of the most robust tech capitals in the world.


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So if the idea of taking digital assets that are sitting dormant and turning them to revenue interests you, we would like to contact you at your earliest convenience to give you more details about the best program for your footage and the pricing.